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ACS provides repair support for all component requirements;

- Vertical Fins and

- Horizontal  Stabilizers
- MGB Cowls, Doghouses, and    Polycarbonate Canopy
- Fairings, Cowlings, Belly

  Panels, Crew Seats, Doors

  and Flooring

Tail Rotor Blade repair support can cover, but is not limited to;

- Inspection
- Leading Edge Strips &

  Bond Straps
- Lower Surface Poly Strips
- Refinish & Balance

Main Rotor Blade repair support can cover, but is not limited to; 

- Inspection
- Leading Edge Strips
- Lower Surface Poly Strip
- Trim Tab Replacement
- Root End Poly Strip
- DU Bushing
- Refinish, Part Mark &    


Advanced Composite Structures is your “one stop shop” for all your maintenance and repairs needs to your Main and Tail Rotor Blades and components for Airbus Helicopter BO105, BK117, SA330/AS332, SA341, AS350/AS355, AS365 models.

​With our in-house repair design capability ACS can provide enhancements resulting in greater longevity of the rotor blades.  All of our repair designs are approved through FAA DER office.

Quick turnaround times, top quality and economical prices, ACS will ensure that your repair requirements are continually met.​