At the Advanced Composite Structures Florida location, we are specializing in composite airframe panel repairs and also repairs to the APU Inlet and Exhaust Silencing Equipment (Silencers, Ducts/Plenums, and Liners).

Advanced Composite Structures Florida is proud to announce that we have been recently approved as a repair provider to Embraer.

ACS Florida provides the most efficient, sound, and cost effective APU Silencer repairs in the industry. For any further information regarding the APU Inlet and Exhaust Silencing Equipment, please contact ACS Florida: 407-585-6111 or

Advanced Composite Structures Rotor Blade Repair

Being an approved Embraer repair provider, allows ACS Florida to carry out repairs on:

- Exhaust Liner

- Inlet Silencer

- Air Inlet Duct

- Exhaust Assembly

- Plenum Duct

- Eductor

- Plenum

- Plenum Upper Half Assembly

- Plenum Lower Half Assembly


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