CNC Machining

In house capability produces 90% of the tooling requirements including machining, welding, and mechanical assembly.

Our addition of the HAAS TM-2P, 4 axis Vertical Milling Centre enables us to produce complex feature- rich tooling solutions for customers as well as in our own in house requirements.​


Advanced Composite Structures Rotor Blade Repair

3D Laser Scanning

FARO Arm with LLP allows both contact and non-contact (Laser Scanning) measurement in support of reverse engineering, repair design development and inspection of repaired structures.

​​In-House Tooling Capability

Locations:    Canada   |   Florida   |   California   |   New Zealand

     Autodesk Product Design Suite-

             Inventor, CAD Platform

Autodesk Inventor allows us to decrease design and engineering change processes in support of existing programs as well as bringing new projects to market in record times with reduced costs.

Our ability to design, virtually assemble and perform stress analysis before fabrication is part of typical design process flow.

ACS has highly trained & skilled personnel, well-organized facilities & specialized processing equipment, thus enabling advancement in the field of aircraft and helicopter repair.


ACS has full in-house tooling solutions from design to application